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Got great service. He explained everything to me and was very nice. Thanks gregory

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Carol, on Google

Good frendly knowledgeable folks they have another facilty in Sonora have to ask them

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Andrew Camm, on Google

Greg is a superman when it comes to customer service. His knowledge and ability to communicate are above the line. Do do anything about your hearing loss until you see Greg at Poseys Hearing Store. Sincerely Rick Hearold

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Richard Hearold, on Google

Went beyond the normal service to repair my hearing aid that I broke accidentally and was told elsewhere it was not fixable and needed to buy a new one.

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Charles Johnson, on Google

I did that just a sarcastic way I didn't. Haha sarcastic way I just raided it stupidlythey got sarcastic with me so why can't I be sarcastic

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Sonja Williams, on Google

Great place and awesome staff! Seems like they changed the reception desk employee. Good choice. And now a carrier of Phonak!!! Greg and his son offer excellent service!

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John Michael Koos Breazeal, on Google

After many years of being around firearms I was finding that I was having difficulty hearing details of conversations in loud and/or busy environments. I went to Posey’s in Jackson in large part because I knew and trusted Greg Brotherton to point me in the right direction and he did. Now, thanks to new technologies I no longer need to strain to hear when the environment is active. As a bonus, I now have Bluetooth capability for hands free phone use anywhere either in or out of a vehicle. I even have the ability to listen to my music where I am without disturbing anyone else. As a hunter, there is the added bonus of being able to increase my hearing sensitivity in the field and when shots are fired, the sound is muffled instantly to prevent hearing damage. I really appreciate the great technology and outstanding service by Greg and his staff.

Martin Ryan, Sutter Creek